Can you do a personal licence course online?

Can you do a personal licence course online?

We also now offer the complete APLH personal licence course and exam online, which means you can complete the whole qualification from the comfort of your home.

How much does it cost to get a personal licence UK?

What is the cost of the Personal Licence? The application for a Personal Licence costs £37, this is non-refundable once paid. This is paid directly to your local council. You may also need to pay £25 for a DBS Check if your haven’t already got one that is recent.

What is a personal license course?

Course Description: This 1-day training course has been designed to meet the statutory requirements and includes vital information on the responsibilities of licence holders, duties of the designated premises supervisor(DPS), the role & powers of licensing authorities and police regarding licensed premises.

How long does a personal licence course last?

An applicant for a personal licence must apply to the licensing authority where they ordinarily live. A licence will last for a period of 10 years unless it is surrendered or forfeited before the expiry date.

Is personal licence exam hard?

So, is the personal licence exam difficult? Not at all. Upon the conclusion of the Personal Licence Training Course, delegates will need to pass a 40-question multiple choice exam will be conducted. At least 28 out of the 40 questions in the exam must be correct in order to complete the exam.

Does a personal licence expire?

Personal Licences are therefore now valid indefinitely. If you have already been issued with a Personal Licence which shows an expiry date you now do not need to renew it, even when the date showing on your existing licence passes.

Can you give alcohol away for free UK?

Free alcohol at charity events Your charity can give alcohol away at events or meetings without a licence, but you must make it clear that the value of the alcohol is not included in any ticket price or entrance fee.

How much is it to do a personal licence?

The application fee for a personal alcohol licence is £37. The administration fee for any changes made to a licence or for a copy of a licence is £10.50. You can pay by a cheque or postal order made payable to the Royal Borough of Greenwich or by cash.

How do I get a personal licence?

In order to obtain a Personal Licence; applicants must be 18 years of age or above and will need the following:

  1. Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Qualification Certificate (The original)
  2. Personal Licence application form – Obtained from local Councils or Licensing Authorities.

Who needs personal licence?

You must: be 18 or over. have the right to work in the UK. have a relevant licensing qualification, such as a BIIAB Level 2 Award for personal licence holders or a similar accredited qualification.

How do you get a personal licence?

How many questions are in a personal licence test?

40 questions
Personal Licence Mock Exams (APLH) To pass the BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders you must score at least answer 28 of the 40 questions correctly.