Can you clean a gun with Ballistol?

Can you clean a gun with Ballistol?

Due to its alkaline character, Ballistol is ideal for cleaning and maintaining black powder firearms. The residues from black powder in chambers and bores are acidic. Ballistol neutralizes and dissolves them. This eliminates the need for aggressive solvents.

Is Ballistol good for guns?

As it turns out, Ballistol is kind of a universal cleaner. You can use it on guns, knives, bikes, cars, and even leather and wood. According to Ballistol “when used correctly, Ballistol is safe to use on nickel-plated firearms and gold leaf.”

How long is Ballistol good for?

Ballistol has an indefinite shelf-life when the original cap is returned to the can.

What gun lube does Hickok45 use?

I’ve been using Ballistol for a couple years now. Have to give credit to Hickok45 for recommending this product in his youtube videos. I’ve been very happy with it for my pistols, using Ballistol exclusively since the first time I used it.

Is Ballistol a disinfectant?

Ballistol Oil is one of the rarely alkaline oil. As an alkaline Oil Ballistol is high effective, universal, environment-friendly and acts disinfectant.

Will Ballistol remove rust?

When it comes to fighting corrosion, you can count on Ballistol. From cleaning chrome to removing rust, Ballistol goes the extra mile in cleaning and protecting the metal items you depend on.

Can you clean a gun barrel with alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol works well as a solvent Alcohol is a solvent that’s great for general gun cleaning. It’ll also displace water anywhere on or in a firearm and quickly evaporate. Make sure to use oil afterwards, as the alcohol will strip all oils off your weapon when used as a degreaser or solvent.

Is Ballistol bad to breathe?

The product information is false! Ballistol contains propane and isohexane; isohexane (2-methylpentane) is a carcinogen, and a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant. Please don’t think this is a safe product to use where you may be breathing fumes or around children or pets! It is also not environmentally friendly.

What is the active ingredient in Ballistol?

Isohexane Isohexane, a pure hydrocarbon, is used in Ballistol-Lube aerosols to improve the sprayability of the highly viscose Ballistol.

Can you use Ballistol to clean corrosive ammo?

Again, due to its alkalinity, Ballistol neutralizes corrosive ammo residue. Ballistol can be used straight or as an emulsification to neutralize potassium salts left by corrosive ammo. Use 10% Ballistol to 90% water for an initial flush. Continue regular cleaning with straight Ballistol.

Can you use Ballistol as a lubricant on a firearm?

In addition, Ballistol will beautify gun stocks, and prevent them from drying out. As a lubricant, Ballistol will never gum up or harden. With Ballistol, your entire firearm will stay lubricated and protected. Ballistol is fully compatible with all metals including aluminum.

How does Ballistol prevent wood from drying out?

Ballistol will also prevent wood from drying out in hot arid climates. Ballistol will not damage wood stocks; conversely, Ballistol seals and protects wooden stocks of firearms. In fact, Ballistol brings out the grain and luster of old wood.

Which is the best lubricant for cleaning a gun barrel?

Ballistol is an excellent smokeless powder cleaning solvent. It will “melt” carbon deposits in the barrel and chamber. Most corrosion inhibiting lubricants can only protect against normal oxidation. They do so by covering up the surface, which they are supposed to protect, and prevent contact with water and air.