Can you camp anywhere in Voyageurs National Park?

Can you camp anywhere in Voyageurs National Park?

All campsites in Voyageurs are accessible only by watercraft. All Frontcountry and Backcountry campsites are water-based, require a permit, and can only be accessed by boat. Most campsites in the park are Frontcountry sites, meaning they are directly accessible by boat.

How many campsites are in Voyageurs National Park?

Voyageurs National Park has 147 reservable frontcountry campsites and 14 reservable backcountry campsites for those wanting an authentic northwoods camping experience. FRONTCOUNTRY CAMPSITES are located on our large lakes (Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan and Sandpoint) and require travel by watercraft.

How much is it to camp in Voyageurs National Park?

Permit Prices

Site Reservation Service Fee (one-time charge per reservation call) Amenity Fee
Group Campsite $10 $35 per night
Backcountry campsite with no canoe $10 $16 per nigh
Backcountry campsite with overnight canoe $10 $28 per night
Day use rental canoe or rowboat (Backcountry only) $10 $12 per day

Can you waterski in Voyageurs National Park?

You can water ski, swim, relax on a beach, canoe or kayak, boat to points of interest or fish for walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike or crappie on Rainy Lake. Voyageurs National Park has 244 developed campsites, picnic areas, day-use sites and houseboat mooring sites on shorelines throughout the Park.

Is Voyageurs National Park worth visiting?

Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota might not be the most widely-known destination in the National Park Service (NPS), but it’s definitely one worth visiting – especially if you love water and communing with nature.

What is the best time of year to visit Voyageurs National Park?

Fall is the best time to visit Voyageurs National Park. The bustle of the summer fishing and boating season is long gone and the park’s shores and trails are ablaze with autumn color. Temperatures are cool and generally mild.

What are the best campsites in Voyageurs National Park?

Top Voyageurs National Park Campgrounds

  • The Pines of Kabetogama Resort.
  • Kabetogama Lake Group Campsite. 1 Reviews.
  • Headquarters RV Park. 5 Reviews.
  • Echo Lake (minn) 5 Reviews.
  • Big Falls City. 4 Reviews.
  • Kabetogama State Forest Ash River Campground. 2 Reviews.
  • Crane Lake Primitive Campgrounds. 3 Reviews.
  • Jeanette Lake. 3 Reviews.

What is Voyageurs National Park known for?

Notable for its outstanding water resources, the park is popular with canoeists, kayakers, other boaters, as well as fishermen. The Kabetogama Peninsula, which lies entirely within the park and makes up most of its land area, is accessible only by boat.

Can you see the Northern Lights from International Falls Minnesota?

Voyageurs National Park in International Falls, Minnesota The Land of 10,000 lakes gets the Northern Lights year-round, but because the nights are longer in late fall and winter, your best bet for spotting them is then. With stunning night skies, this gem of a national park is perched on the Canadian border.

Can you swim in Voyageurs?

That’s why summer is the best time for water-based activities at Voyageurs National Park. The Rainy Lake water has warmed to the point that swimming is very comfortable. Voyageurs provides an all-encompassing vacation that every one of your senses is sure to enjoy. Just remember to bring a bathing suit!

Can you bring your own canoe to Voyageurs National Park?

Getting Around. There are three access roads into Voyageurs National Park, which go to its three visitor centers – Ash River, Kabetogama Lake and Rainy Lake. From here, you may leave your car and go for a hike, canoe, kayak, use your own boat, or take a guided boat tour.

Why is Voyageurs National Park famous?

Voyageurs National Park is an American national park in northern Minnesota near the city of International Falls established in 1975. Notable for its outstanding water resources, the park is popular with canoeists, kayakers, other boaters, as well as fishermen.

Where are the campsites in Voyageurs National Park?

Voyageurs National Park | Campsite Locations & Trail Map Voyageurs National Park campsite locations & hiking trails map. Search Voyageurs campsites and find houseboat docking spots in Voyageurs National Park. Voyageurs National Park Map

How big is the map of Voyageurs National Park?

Here’s a snowmobile trails map, showing the trails inside Voyageurs as well as in the surrounding area. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.5 mb) or download the PDF (3.2 mb). This is a map of all the day use sites (250 kb) in Voyageurs National Park, accessible from the water on all lakes in the park.

When to contact Voyageurs National Park for reservations?

A park ranger will reach out to the email address and/or phone number associated with your reservation 4-7 days prior to your trip to provide key pick-up instructions.

What are the names of the lakes on the Voyageurs?

Here is the backside of the Voyageurs campsite and houseboat map, showing Namakan Lake, Sand Point Lake, and Crane Lake. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.6 mb) or download the PDF (500 kb).