Can I use Nikon lenses with Blackmagic pocket?

Can I use Nikon lenses with Blackmagic pocket?

The Nikon G Lens to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Speed Booster from Metabones allows a Nikon G lens to be mounted to a Pocket Cinema Camera, and in doing so, increases the angle of view and the maximum aperture.

What cameras use PL mount?

Arri PL is a lens mount developed by Arri for use with both 16 mm and 35 mm movie cameras. The PL stands for “positive lock”. It is the successor mount to the Arri bayonet; unlike the bayonet mount, however, it is incompatible with older Arri-mount lenses, due to the larger diameter.

What mount does Bmpcc have?

EF lens mount
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K models feature an active EF lens mount that works with a massive number of high quality photographic and video lenses from Sigma, Zeiss, Canon and others. You can use extreme zoom lenses, high speed lenses and lenses with image stabilization.

Can I use Nikon lenses on Bmpcc 6K?

Re: Quick Question re Nikon Lenses on BMPCC 6K/6K PRO For your purposes, Nikon G/F are interchangeable. F is the mount; the G designation is applied to lenses that don’t have a physical aperture dial. In your case the Sigma 18-35 Art is a G lens (it has no physical aperture dial) with an F mount.

Can you use Canon lenses on Blackmagic?

According to Blackmagic, the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is compatible with MFT-mount lenses, which is “extremely flexible and allows for different lens adapters so customers can also use PL, C, EF and other types of lenses from manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica and even Panavision.” In most other cases, a …

Is Blackmagic 6K mirrorless?

When it comes to looks and handling, the BMPCC 6K Pro is more mirrorless than camcorder, but this is no stills camera as the quality of footage it captures is staggeringly good. In use, the ergonomics of the body makes sense and makes for comfortable handling even if I can’t get on with the futuristic design.

What does Metabones speed booster do?

Speed Booster® physically reduces focal length and increases maximum aperture (smaller f-number) of the lens. The “35mm equivalent focal length” is not a focal length at all, but a measure of field of view (FoV).

What kind of lens mount does the bmpcc 4K use?

If you shoot Super35mm with an EF lens you are just using the center of the lens. With the BMPCC 4K, which uses MFT and its 19.25mm mount, you can adapt it to almost anything you want for cinema, especially PL.

Can you use an EF mount on a PL camera?

However, if Blackmagic had gone with something like the “L” mount, and then maybe even included an L to EF adapter in the first year’s orders, there would still have been support for all of those EF lenses and the camera would feel a bit more future proof. You could use an L to LP adapter for PL lenses.

Do you need adapters for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?

You change the aperture via the camera body. If you take away the camera body and replace it with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, you need some way for the camera to talk to this alien lens. So for lenses without aperture rings you need adapters with gold contacts that allow you to manipulate aperture:

Which is the best mount for a pocket camera?

Pocket seems like an odd name to stick with for such a big camera, but the big question here is if EF is the right mount for this camera. Obviously, practically every other spec on this camera is dynamite. For under $2500, you get a Super35mm sensor capturing 6K RAW images. You get the ability to shoot to cards or straight to SSD drives.