Can I use my unique platinum card anywhere?

Can I use my unique platinum card anywhere?

The Unique Platinum Card is a store card that can only be used at My Unique Outlet, an online retailer. Aside from limited use, you’ll pay a high monthly membership fee of $19.95, which adds up to $239.40 annually.

Does Unique card Services report to credit bureaus?

The Unique Platinum Card is like other merchandise cards in that it requires no credit checks or employment checks to qualify. And since Unique regularly reports to the major credit bureaus, it can help build a positive credit history with on-time payments.

Where can the merit Platinum card be used?

One of several cards issued by Horizon Card Services, the Merit Platinum card can only be used to purchase items online at the Horizon Outlet store. However, the Merit Platinum card reports to one credit bureau, which can help you improve your credit score.

Can I use my horizon gold card at an ATM?

There’s also confusion over the card itself. As a result, this leaves many consumers wondering, “can I use my Horizon gold card at an ATM or get a Horizon gold card cash advance?” The answer in both cases is no, since the card is only good as credit for Horizon Outlet purchases.

What is a UCS card?

UCS is one of the largest independent payment technology solutions providers in Russia, that helps businesses of all sizes prosper by delivering customized payment tools. Smart services for the cards of major International Payment Systems and Russian National Payment Card System MIR.

Can I use my horizon platinum card anywhere?

Having the freedom and flexibility to make purchases large and small, anywhere, anytime, means you’ll never be without the funds you need. Use your Horizon credit cards anywhere MasterCard is accepted, covered by 24/7 fraud monitoring, so you can rest assured your account and purchases will be protected.

What is the meaning of Merit card?

A card or certificate awarded for regular attendance at school or proficiency in schoolwork.

Where can I spend my horizon gold card at?

Horizon Outlet online store
You can use the Horizon Gold card only to shop at the Horizon Outlet online store. (This is also true of the NetFirst Platinum card, another card marketed by Horizon Card Services.)

What is credit hawk?

Credit Hawk for Android The Credit Hawk app is a user friendly portal to all things finance related! Use our debt calculator to understand when you can get out of debt and how much you can save. Get matched with todays best loan and credit card companies using our profile matching system.

What kind of credit card is unique platinum?

Unique Platinum is a catalog merchandise credit line and credit card from Unique Card Services. Unique Card Services also has a few other cards that are similar to Unique Platinum. Unique Platinum also competes with cards from Horizon Card Services. We shall look at them as well.

How to contact my unique outlet Platinum Card?

Customer service. For support, call the member services department at 888-805-7648. The Unique Platinum Card allows you to shop at My Unique Outlet without interest if you carry your balance. However, given a required monthly membership fee, it’s expensive and may not be worth the cost.

Who are the credit bureaus for unique platinum?

As far as reporting to credit bureaus go, Unique Platinum’s website does not state if they do report to credit bureaus. Horizon Card Services report to “one major bureau” which we know is TransUnion. But nothing beats Fingerhut and Gettington, who both report to all three credit bureaus.

Is there a fee for the unique card?

Our no strings attached membership means that you have access To credit without a monthly fee. Just make sure To maintain And pay For your purchases. Bad Credit? No problem The Unique Platinum Card membership Is designed For people With little To no credit.