Can foreigners invest in Colombia?

Can foreigners invest in Colombia?

In general, there are no limits on foreign investment in Colombia. A foreign investor may hold up to 100% of the equity of a Colombian company.

Is Colombia good for property investment?

With wealthy expats looking to move to the area, the economy continues to grow. For property investors, Colombia offers a strong economy and low property prices. It is a diverse and vibrant nation, welcoming of people of all backgrounds. This is why it is one of the most exciting areas in Latin America to invest in.

Is it a good time to invest in Colombia?

Colombia strives to increase the arrival and flow of foreign direct investment, as well as its diversification across regions and non-mining and non-energy industries, taking advantage of the variety of investment opportunities that Colombia offers in various sectors. It’s a good time to invest in Colombia.

Is it safe to buy property in Colombia?

Foreigners can freely buy property in Colombia. All transfers of title on real estate as well as all encumbrances must be done by public document. All taxes must be paid in order for a transfer to be legally effective.