Can Endlers Livebearers live with guppies?

Can Endlers Livebearers live with guppies?

Endlers and guppies can live together, as they are very similar in many ways, and have similar water requirements.

Are guppies the same as Endlers?

Fin size and length is another difference between Endlers and guppies. Guppies often have large flowing fins while Endlers usually have much smaller fins. Long flowing fins in Endlers are a good indicator that the Endler has been hybridized with a guppy. Endlers often have a small sword on their caudal (tail) fin.

How many Endlers Livebearers should be kept together?

In a group, the fish establish a social hierarchy. Intense fighting is rare, but you may see some larger fish picking on bigger ones. Females can get territorial as well. Ideally, you should keep at least three females to every male.

How many Endlers are in a 5 gallon?

As for the endlers, 5-6 males would be good. I would avoid getting females to prevent the overpopulation problem. If you want to breed them, I suggest a bigger tank (15g+).

Are Endlers aggressive?

Endler’s are extremely active fish, especially if you have a mixture of males and females. Female Endler’s are typically more aggressive than males, so to make sure that there’s no bullying between them, always keep at least three females in a group.

Are Endlers more hardy than guppies?

Interestingly, Endlers bear a striking resemblance with the Common guppy and some enthusiasts argue that both are the same species, however, this is not true. Endlers are hardy, peaceful, and can survive in a wide range of pH, hardness, and water temperature conditions.

How many Endlers are in a 30 gallon?

1.5 endler’s livebearers per gallon seems to be a safe upper limit for how many you can keep without seriously increasing how often you have to do maintenance and water changes.

Can Endlers be in a 5 gallon tank?

five gallon isn’t too bad for endlers, they’re little fish. Once settled you’ll want at least 1 more. The one you say hasn’t gotten colors yet and is smaller: Endlers males tend to not get larger than 1/2-1/3 an inch in length, females tend to be larger and hit around an inch, sometimes a tad more.

Can bettas live with Endlers?

Endlers livebearers make good tank mates for bettas because they aren’t flashy and they can swim fast. If you’re going to keep bettas and livebearers in a tank together you should make sure the tank is at least 10 gallons. Female endlers livebearers typically give birth to fry every 3 weeks.

Can Endlers and Betta together?

Can I keep all male Endlers?

Endlers are OK in a male only tank, and are compatible with CPD.

How does an Endler’s livebearer look like a Guppie?

Click here for more about buying from us. Endler’s Livebearers look a lot like Guppies, which is a closely related species. But Endler’s are smaller, have a different assortment of colors, and do not grow huge tails like some male Guppies. Pictures: none yet. Pictures: none yet. Pictures: Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.

How big does an adult Endler livebearer get?

Often called Endlers guppies, Endlers Livebearers closely resemble guppies (Poecilia reticulata), in fact for several years there was quite a bit of controversy over the species. How Big Do Endlers Get? Male adult pure Endlers are all generally the same size reaching a length of approximately 3/4″ – 1″ long.

How many Endler’s live best are there in a group?

Like most livebearers Endler’s live best in a group with at least three males and about twice as many females. Pictures: Male Endler’s Livebearers with fantastic coloration!! Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. This species is very closely related to Guppies and can interbreed.

When was the Endler livebearer fish first discovered?

Endlers Livebearers are a relatively new species available to the tropical fish hobbyist. Although it was first discovered by Franklyn F Bind in 1937 in Laguna de Patos in Venezuela, it was not introduced into the aquarium trade until after it was rediscovered by Dr. John Endler in 1975.