Are there tolls in Northern Ireland?

Are there tolls in Northern Ireland?

Toll roads There are no tolled roads in Northern Ireland but you’ll find tolls on a number of roads in the Republic of Ireland. Generally, you can pay tolls at the toll booth, however, there is one exception: M50 eFlow Barrier System.

How do I pay Northern Ireland tolls?

Payment options include:

  1. Online at
  2. Calling 0818 50 10 50 / +353 1 461 0122 to pay by credit card.
  3. Paying in Payzone branded outlets nationwide.
  4. Registered drivers can use their electronic toll tag or video account.

Do Northern Ireland Cars have to pay M50 toll?

The M50 is Ireland’s only barrier-free toll road which means drivers are not required to stop at a toll plaza. Traffic passes beneath a camera gantry between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan) which records vehicles’ registration numbers.

Is there a toll between Belfast and Dublin Airport?

The toll road is approximately 30km north of Dublin airport on the Dublin to Belfast route….The current tolls being applied on the M1 Motorway are as follows:

Type of Vehicle Toll (VAT incl. 23%)
Motor Cars €1.90
Buses or Coaches €3.40
Goods Vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3,500 kilograms €3.40

What happens if you don’t pay M50 toll?

If you forget to pay the M50 toll, an additional late payment penalty of €3.00 will be applied to the journey. A ‘First Penalty Notice’, will be issued to the registered vehicle owner’s address. A letter called an ‘Unpaid Toll Notice’ will be issued to confirm this to the registered vehicle owner’s address.

Do English cars pay M50 toll?

Vehicles will instead pass at the normal speed limit under a gantry, which will collect their tolls electronically using cameras. Motorists must carry an electronic tag, pre-register to pay automatically, or pay the following day in order to avoid penalties.

What is the best toll tag for Ireland?

M50 Toll Tags Compared For M50 users who pass the toll plaza more than 5 times a month the cheapest option is the tag account from . has another advantage – because only Eflow offer a post-pay tag option with no preloading or auto top up . You just pay for what you owe each month .

Are there tolls on roads in Northern Ireland?

While all roads in Northern Ireland are free to use, several modern long-distance routes and some time-saving bridges are subject to fees in the Republic. Road tolls in Ireland can indeed be costly if you drive a lot, and more so if you do not take care.

Are there toll booths on the M50 in Dublin?

And to provide a fairy-tale ending, toll barriers have been scrapped on the notorious M50 ringroad around Dublin. But there is a twist in the tale — since there are no toll booths on this motorway anymore, you might fall foul of the authorities and incur hefty penalties.

Where are the tolls on the M1 motorway?

Toll Locations and Charges. Plan your journey and view the charges for all Irish toll roads. Select a toll road below to view all toll charges for that road. M1 Motorway (Gormanston to Monasterboice Toll Road) M3 Clonee-Kells Grange Toll Plaza (Northern) M4 Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad Motorway. N6 Galway – Ballinasloe.

How much is the toll on the East Link Bridge in Ireland?

East Link Toll Bridge (crossing the Liffey near Dublin Port), toll charge for cars is € 1.40. Limerick Tunnel, toll charge for cars is € 1.90. N25 Waterford City Bypass, toll charge for cars is € 1.90. Can Drivers Avoid Toll Charges?