Are Syncros carbon wheels any good?

Are Syncros carbon wheels any good?

Reliability has been excellent. The wheels remained true and spoke tension was good throughout the test. The hub and freehub bearings are still silky smooth and, being DT Swiss internals, spares should be easy to come by when they do need servicing.

Are Syncros wheels carbon?

Syncros uses one blade of carbon for the spoke that runs through the hub to make for a stiffer final product. To maintain the stiffness, Syncros molded the SL wheels with 20 carbon fiber spokes in an X lacing at the hubs. Syncros claims these carbon fiber blades are 35 percent stiffer than traditional steel spokes.

Who makes Syncros hubs?

The hubs are DT Swiss just rebranded with the Syncros name. My bike is all tricked out. It has pedals, a handle bar, a seat and two wheels!

Are Syncros wheels DT Swiss?

Syncros uses high-quality DT Swiss 190 hub components with ceramic bearings and the Star Ratchet freewheel for maximum performance and reliability. Not all wheels weighing 1,250 g are manufactured in the same way.

Is DT Swiss a good brand?

It reads in part, “In recent years DT Swiss has transformed itself from a well-respected wheel component brand, with an excellent reputation for lightness, precision, and durability, into a leading brand for technically sophisticated and meticulously developed system wheels.”

What does DT stand for in DT Swiss?

Apparently the ‘DT’ in DT Swiss stands for Drahtwerke Tréfileries, the German and French words for ‘wireworks’. So, overall, the name means ‘wireworks made in Switzerland’.

Are DT Swiss wheels good?

Ultimately these are a great set of wheels for training, racing or just a general upgrade. You’ll be getting good quality hubs and spokes from the brand who supply much of the industry as well. The only downside to the 1600 Spline 23 wheel was the odd skewer it had for the rim brake version.

Are DT Swiss 350 hubs good?

The DT Swiss 350 hub has been always been a fantastic option for bikepackers due to its reliable design, tool-free maintenance, and proven Star Ratchet engagement system. Unlike a pawl system, the teeth on the Star Ratchet all engage simultaneously, distributing the load more evenly across the freehub.

Are DT Swiss hubs worth it?

If you have a lot of DT Swiss hubs as I do, it’s money well spent. I rarely have to do extensive service on my hubs, but I have replaced some bearings from time to time and having the proper tools to do it comes in handy. The bottom line is these hubs provide good performance for their price.

What kind of wheels are in Syncros xr1.0?

That said, the Syncros XR1.0 Carbon 29” wheels proved to be impressively robust and durable throughout the test. Syncros XR1.0 Carbon 29″ wheels are certainly not cheap, but cross-country trail riders wanting to shed a bit of weight from their bikes and benefit from some impressive stiffness will find them to be a dependable and reliable wheelset.

Where can I buy Syncros carbon 29 wheels?

A number of years ago, the component specialist was bought by Scott Sports and the company now uses the parts extensively through most of their range. The XR1.0 Carbon wheels in this review can also be purchased aftermarket. Syncros XR1.0 Carbon 29” wheels are marketed to “cross-country racers and aggressive trail riders” according to Syncros.

How big are the rims on a Syncros Pinkbike?

The rims measure 28mm on the outside and 21.5mm inside – comparable to rival cross-country carbon rims, such as Enve’s M50 wheelset – and a suitable width for the intended cross-country use of these wheels. So, unless you’re very light on your components, these are not the best wheels for hard-charging trail riders.

How long has Syncros been making mountain bikes?

Syncros has been around since 1987. It’s one of the most iconic brands in mountain biking, making its name for really well designed and engineered components, from pedals to handlebars and wheels. A number of years ago, the component specialist was bought by Scott Sports and the company now uses the parts extensively through most of their range.