Are Sire Marcus Miller basses any good?

Are Sire Marcus Miller basses any good?

Both Sire basses had excellent playability, with just a touch of the neck dive that one can reasonably expect from a J-style body/headstock combo. This, by far, in spite of the great-for-the-price construction, is the basses’ most compelling attribute. They sound legit good.

Does Marcus Miller play a Sire?

“I’ve had a Marcus Miller model Fender bass for 20 years,” he explains. “It’s time to do something else. “I still have my Fender, which I’ve been playing since I was 17 years old, and I play my Sire fretless, and my Sire four-string, which has a slightly different voice.

Are Sire basses made in USA?

Sire or Sire Guitars Corporation is an American manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars located in California City….Sire Revolution.

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Where do Sire basses ship from?

Pre-orders for the out of stock items will come from our factory in Indonesia. Our estimated ship date would be listed on the website. We are keeping up with the quality amidst the demands. We do not want to sacrifice quality over quantity, so there is a limited number of basses available.

Are sire basses heavy?

The weight is moderate at less than 9.5 pounds for a five string. The neck profile feels very familiar to my hands, without feeling chunky, unwieldy and wide. The bass has some felt bumpers at the strap buttons. The finish on the three Sire basses I’ve seen and played thus far has been flawless on all three basses.

Who makes Marcus Miller bass?

An even more reasonable model that plays and sounds really good is the Marcus Miller by Sire M3 four string bass model at $299.00.

How rich is Marcus Miller?

Miller was named Most Valuable Player for studio musicians for three years in a row….Marcus Miller Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.89 m)
Profession: Bandleader, Bassist, Record producer, Composer, Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Film Score Composer
Nationality: United States of America

Are sire guitars made in Korea?

We became a band that built their own instruments. Soon after, other musicians started buying the guitars we’ve built and used. We continued to grow, and after ten years, we became the most loved and sought-after guitar building company in Korea.

Why is sire basses out of stock?

Recently the demand for SIRE basses grew so much that the supply is unable to catch up with the demand. However, we are working on our production to make the out of stock basses available as soon as possible. For out of stock basses, we have a new estimated available date written with the bass.

How much does a sire bass weigh?

When strapped up or balanced on the knee, the bass balances very well without any neck dive. The weight is moderate at less than 9.5 pounds for a five string. The neck profile feels very familiar to my hands, without feeling chunky, unwieldy and wide.

How much does a sire V7 weigh?

How much do sire basses weigh?

Specifications. The approximate weight of the Swamp Ash body/Maple fingerboard Sire P7 four string bass is in the range of a little over 8.5 pounds. The five string is around 9.5 pounds.

Is the Marcus Miller V7 5 string bass Fender?

Sire Guitars’ Marcus Miller V7 5-String Bass really caught me off guard, more about that after the details. This instrument is definitely of the Fender-style design. The body and neck feel as you would expect from this approach. The Maple neck had that full rounded profile associated with J basses, and the Ash wood body felt familiar.

What does the Marcus Miller by Sire V7 sound like?

The Marcus Miller by Sire V7 has a focused, full and round sound with an endless supply of bottom end available. The strings all sound very well balanced. The “G” strings sounds “bassy” in a musical way and the “B” string is clear and articulate. If you like your bass to growl, this bass will make you happy.

What kind of bass does Marcus Miller play?

Sire Marcus Miller V7 Review Sire Guitars and Marcus Miller team up to produce an impressive J-style bass at a price that doesn’t quite seem real. Marcus Miller knows a thing or two about Jazz basses. So when Sire Guitars set out to create a J-style line, they consulted with the respected player to assist in the design and development.

Is there a club for Marcus Miller v7s?

With all the great reviews of the new Marcus Miller V7s and M3s coming onto the board, I decided to start a Sire Bass club. Please post your model, color/wood combination and a picture to get a number!