Are back to wall toilets a good idea?

Are back to wall toilets a good idea?

A back to wall or wall hung toilet may be more pleasing to the eye, it may even save space in your bathroom, but they are often the more expensive option. In terms of water efficiency, wall hung toilets can offer reduced water storage or dual flush features, meaning that you only use the water needed.

What is the best toilet to buy in NZ?

The Robertson Top 5 Toilets

  1. American Standard Cygnet Neu Square Top Inlet Toilet.
  2. American Standard Cygnet Neu Square Bottom Inlet Toilet.
  3. American Standard Cygnet Overheight Square Toilet.
  4. American Standard Eco Toilet.
  5. Parisi Ellisse MKII Rimless Toilet.

Do back to wall toilets come with a cistern?

With a close coupled toilet, the pan and cistern all come as one complete unit. A back to wall toilet (as the name might suggest) can sit flush against a wall or unit, whereas there is usually (but not always) a gap between a close coupled toilet and any wall.

What is a back to wall toilet suite?

These suites are designed with both the pan and cistern sitting flush against the wall. This removes any gaps or crevices making it much easier to clean the external area of your toilet suite.

What is the difference between a close coupled toilet and a back to wall toilet?

Close coupled – where the cistern sits directly on the back of the toilet pan. Back to wall – where the toilet pan fits against the wall or a piece of furniture and a concealed cistern provides the water for flushing.

Can you replace a toilet yourself NZ?

CAN I REPLACE THIS MYSELF? GREG: No, you can’t replace it. You must use a licensed plumber to do this as it is connected to the sanitary plumbing system.

Can I have a back to wall toilet?

Back to wall toilets come in a range of designs to suit any bathroom, and they are a great option for creating a sleek, modern look. If you’re planning a new bathroom and wondering which toilet to choose, a back to wall design has many benefits, and is a great alternative to the standard close coupled toilet.

What is a hanging toilet?

A wall hung toilet is a system in which the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall, while its tank is installed inside the wall. This allows wall hung toilets to take up less space. Having the tank behind the wall gives a more modern look since the working parts are hidden.

How do you remove a concealed cistern panel?

Here’s how to access a concealed toilet cistern:

  1. Locate the toilet cistern’s push button.
  2. Slightly lift the cover plate and remove it.
  3. Carefully remove the flushing rods located at the centre of the concealed cistern frame.
  4. Unfasten any plastic bolts manually to release the frame.

What is a close coupled toilet suite?

A close-coupled suite is one where the pan and the cistern are fully integrated to form one complete unit. There is little or no flexibility to vary the set-out. On the other hand, a “link suite” is one where the cistern and the pan are linked only by the flush pipe and by a plastic plate to conceal the flush pipe.

What is P trap toilet?

The “trap” is the bend in the pipe where the waste goes out of the toilet. A P-trap (think P is for Plaster) exits at the back of the toilet and is designed to outlet through a wall. An S-trap (think S is for Sewerage) exits at the bottom of the toilet and is designed to outlet directly through the floor.

Which is the best toilet brand in New Zealand?

Check Chesters toilet range: wall hung, back to wall, close coupled. Best toilet NZ brands Caroma, Plumbline, Gala etc. View in Auckland stores & across NZ

Which is the best back to wall toilet suite?

Featuring a compact design, and top and bottom water inlet options, the Compact Toilet Suite is ideal for both new home builds and renovations.

Where is the toilet flush with the wall?

Positioned flush with the wall, there is no gap behind and all waste and inlet pipes are concealed, with the cistern then positioned above the bowl.