Popeska and Candyland [Dubstep]

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Author: maxmay

Today were featuring two amazing Dubstep artists, starting with Popeska, 19, from Atlanta. This guy drops my kind of filth, great melodies, robotic vocal editing, and hard hitting wobbles. This first track dropped a few months ago, it is called Super Best Friends, and oh my is it disgusting, after hearing this track Popeska is now my new Super Best Friend. Next track is, Laisne with a more melodic feel to his always catchy vocals, then building in the relentless bass abuse. This last track by Popeska is a remix of Laura Brem‘s song, Sunrise, utilizing her sexy vocals and chopping this dance floor heaven. Follow Popeska on SoundCloud.

Popeska – Super Best Friends  TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE


Laura Brem – Sunrise (Popeska Remix)  TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

Now for the second artist Candyland, two Dubsteppers from Santa Barbara that love dropping the nasty. First is a preview of, Jump by LAZRtag and Candyland throws down some Hip-Hop infused Dub, cant wait for this release on April 16th. Now for something a little different from these two, delivering a Drum and Bass remix of Kaskade‘s track Room For Happiness. Next is the most Nostalgic techno song of our generation, Sandstorm, and they do just right amount of remixing on this track. Last is one of my favorite tracks from them, and it’s a remix of Bingo Players song, Rattle, and this song just seems like it was meant for them to Remix into Dubstep heaven.  Follow Candyland on Soundcloud. Cheers.

LAZRtag feat. Dell – Jump (Candyland Remix) [Preview – Out on April 16]

Kaskade ft. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Candyland Remix)  TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

Darude – Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Remix)  TO DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

Bingo Players – Rattle (Candyland Remix)

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