Did Mr. Carmack’s Soundcloud just get deleted? Here’s 4 tracks to cheer you up.

October 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Max Mayeri


About 10 months ago Mr. Carmack deleted every anthem off of his Soundcloud. At first that’s what I thought was happening today, but that may not be the truth. If you scope any post that had the songs embedded, they will still open and play (click here to see). But when you just go to his Soundcloud, they appears to be nothing on it other than a reposted track from my Mr. Carmack’s Secret Gems page. To say the least we won’t really know what happened until he posts about it, and we will keep you updated. But hopefully this isn’t the end of an era AKA Soundcloud ruining everyone’s lives. As Djemba Djemba so simply put it, no one will REALLY care about this Soundcloud Copyright thing until Mr. Carmack’s and Kaytranda’s Soundclouds get deleted.

To cheer you up, we uploaded a few gems to the Secret Gems account. Including “Headache” which is the only track that remains posted on Carmacks account. But also scope the other glorious track “FF01″, “Simple”, and “I See You (Avatar Theme)”. Cheers or nah?

Soundcloud | Facebook


Mr. Carmack – FF01


Mr. Carmack – Simple


Mr. Carmack – I See You (Avatar Theme)


Mr. Carmack – Headache


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These NEW Flume Anthems “That Look” and “Oddity” should break the internet [VIDEO]

October 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Max Mayeri


That feel when everyone sends you a new Flume track. Update: These were apparently uploaded to Vimeo and then instantly removed.

They were then uploaded to Soundcloud on my homies New Shit channel. Take a listen and good luck picking a favorite. Cheers or nah?

Flume – That Look

What So Not – Oddity

Premiere: Blaz – Sink

October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Qarus

Blaz 2

I don’t know if I have been more excited to bring to your ears a brilliant late night 1am banger from Blaz. When I say this reminds me of Wave Racer I don’t mean the producer, I’m referring to the 1996 Nintendo 64 video game with lofty synths consorted with incendiary drums that would have you awake burning the midnight oil trying to level up and brought to life by Blaz. Together “Sink” has everything from a Montell Jordan sample to high speed swoons and character that is reminiscent of your childhood, or nah…. nonetheless this is a banger for sure and as always a free download so enjoy the music and keep your eyes peeled for Blaz.

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