Mr. Carmack’s Set at ‘Wobble na Rua’ in Brazil might be his best set yet [TRACK LIST]

November 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Max Mayeri


I’m from the bay, and this mix that just went down in Brazil is the future. There’s been lots of talk in the past about Mr Carmack not being the best “DJ”. We all know he’s one of the best producers but his live shows were lacking, until now. Well actually, the last set I saw him spin was in SF a month ago was glorious. So I’m just glad he’s bringing some insane energy, especially at this show in Brazil at Wobble na Rua. Scope the track list linked right below, and turn the fuck up.


Mr. Carmack Live at Wobble na Rua in Brazil

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Premiere: romansu ❀ – of course you can

November 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Qarus


Straight raw FEELS is all that needs to be documented here when describing this dynamic ass original entitled “of course you can” by romansu. From start to finish this track jumps out and smacks you right in the face demanding attention and taking your ears and mind down a dark path with deep clandestine synths and drums that knock you to your core right before descending you back to the chimes in which the whole trip started, and yet when it ends you just want more. romansu takes his sound to a higher echelon with this release, encompassing sound waves and percussion that makes you want to just jam (honestly the best way to describe it). Overall the excitement is real for this full release which will be coming up this year with romansu‘s “friends!’ EP which is being released through senioritis. Enjoy the music and give the homie romansu a follow and keep an eye out for his upcoming releases!

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SC: @romansu

RL Grime – Void [ALBUM STREAM]

November 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Author: Max Mayeri


Today RL Grime finally put up the full stream for his highly anticipated album “Void”. Thanks to Pitchfork Advance with the premiere, we get to finally enjoy the massive collabs with Boys Noize and Djemba Djemba. Take a listen below. Cheers.

RL Grime – Void [STREAM]

Click here to stream the whole album via Pitchfork

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